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End Emotional Eating FE : A Brand New PLR Bundle to Generate Money from Health Topic

End Emotional Eating FE , Since the main concern in this bundle is about emotional eating, this comprehensive PLR pack looks at this problem from a holistic perspective and teaches people how to empower themselves by taking control of their emotions and life using proven tools and techniques. Emotional Eating may start out as an effective way to deal with unpleasant feelings however over time, it leads to severe physical and emotional consequences that have a direct impact on your quality of life. The shame, guilt, anger, desperation and self-loathing are typical emotions that accompany this problem.
Rather than just pointing people to various resources, it has the tools that have been proven to be effective. Here is what you will get by buying this PLR bundle:
E-Book: End Emotional Eating: How To Heal With Awareness, Mindfulness and Other Holistic Techniques, which contains:

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End Emotional Eating FE : A Brand New PLR Bundle to Generate Money from Health Topic

End Emotional Eating FE Review and Download

End Emotional Eating FE Review

What is End Emotional Eating FE ?

  • The Unhealthy Consequences of Emotional Eating
  • The Differences (and Similarities) Between Emotional Eating and an Eating Disorder
  • Most Common Eating Disorders
  • Symptoms of Emotional Eating
  • Common Foods People Reach for When Their Emotions Drive Their Feeding Behaviors
  • Why Dieting, Weight Loss Surgery and Other Symptom-Based Treatments Don’t Work For the Emotional Eater
  • How To Break Free from Emotional Eating Using Holistic Techniques
  • Using Mindfulness to Start a Healthy Eating Plan

E-Course: Understanding and Healing Emotional Eating 10 Day E-Course which contains:

  • Day 1: Are You Eating Your Emotions?
  • Day 2: Emotional Eating: Is it really a Problem?
  • Day 3: The Physical and Emotional Consequences of Emotional Eating
  • Day 4: Are You More Emotionally Connected To Food Than People?
  • Day 5: What Are Your Emotional Eating Triggers?
  • Day 6: How To Stop Feeding Your Feelings
  • Day 7: How to Soothe Yourself and Handle Your Emotions Without Eating
  • Day 8: Mindfulness: Your Best Ally Against Emotional Eating
  • Day 9: Cleansing: Your Secret Weapon To Ending Emotional Eating
  • Day 10: Make Smart Food Choices To Beat Emotional Eating
  • Report: The Top Holistic Methods for Healing Emotional Eating
  • Social Media Engagement (contains 15 tweets to generate interest in your emotional eating E-book)
  • Disclosure: There are two OTO’s
  • OTO1: This is a comprehensive package offering holistic tools to help your clients make lasting changes. There are multiple reports and other elements that make this offer a no-brainer.
  • OTO2: If you are serious about working with clients, you need this OTO. It is an 8-week boot camp and other bonus resources.

So are you ready to start making money from this Health and Wellness business? Start by proving the content by yourself.

Check Here :
End Emotional Eating FE : A Brand New PLR Bundle to Generate Money from Health Topic

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