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VidProtect – TOP Tool with New Cloud Based Technology Protects Your Videos And Your Business from Thieves And Hackers

VidProtect is AMAZING Product created by Radu Hahaianu. VidProtect is TOP Tool with New Cloud Based Technology Protects Your Videos And Your Business from Thieves And Hackers. with Vid Protect, As long as you use any sort of videos in your marketing, you’ll be protected and safe from the high chance of having those videos stolen. All extremely fast and with very little effort. VidProtect Easily Steps : Step 01-Login to our Cloud App and insert your video URL, Step 02-Copy the embed code generated and publish it on your site just like with a regular video, Step 03-Enjoy fully encrypted and secured videos that NO ONE can steal. Vid Protect is Amazing Web App Works On Any Device And it’s accessible from anywhere. with Vid Protect Finally your videos become SAFE and impossible to STEAL – Without needing any technical know-how or having to hire an expensive developer. Vid Protect is Powerful.

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VidProtect – TOP Tool with New Cloud Based Technology Protects Your Videos And Your Business from Thieves And Hackers



VidProtect Includes :

  • VidProtect Cloud-Based Software and Interface
  • Active Technology Encrypts, Secures & Protects your video from hackers, content Thieves and automated bots and software.
  • Instant Redirect Technology gets you More Traffic
  • Compatible with Youtube, S3, Vimeo and More

VidProtect Features :

  • Cloud-Based, Mobile Responsive Software – VidProtect can be accessed from anywhere, even from your smartphone due to our groundbreaking design
  • Instantly Protects Your Videos From Being Stolen – By employing a special push-button encryption, your videos are safe on your domain
  • Integrated with Video Maker FX, Explaindio, Video Motion Pro & More – VidProtect is fully compatible and works with virtually any video creation software out there, and is deadly effective at protecting those videos
  • Works with Youtube, Vimeo, Amazon S3, Wistia & More – VidProtect is incredibly versatile and flexible and will work with virtually any video hosting solution out there
  • Active Fighting Technology – VidProtect protects you against automated bots that scrape and steal content automatically
  • Full Redirect System – If someone grabs your VidProtect videos, their websites get redirected to a link of YOUR choice, so instead of them stealing your videos, you grab all THEIR traffic
  • Perfect for any type of video – Be it training videos from a course, sales videos, explainer videos, affiliate videos or even webinar replays, VidProtect has you covered!
  • Dominate your competition – Since your competition won’t have access to VidProtect, their videos would be easy to steal, so you’ll end up being the only one in the market with “exclusive” content that can’t be stolen
  • and MORE. . .

VidProtect Benefits :

  • No need to hire an expensive developer to manually protect each video
  • No need to spend hours trying to figure it out yourself
  • No need to stress over a huge video bandwidth bill at the end of the month
  • Free traffic source – That’s right – if a website unsuspectingly grabs your VidProtect videos, you can REDIRECT their traffic back to your site! So instead of your videos being stolen – you TAP into extra traffic passively and with zero effort
  • Dominate your competition – Imagine being the ONLY one in the marketplace with the capability of protecting your videos with the push of a button. All your competitors videos & products leak and they bleed money and traffic.
  • Clean, Simple to Use Cloud Interface – VidProtect is a groundbreaking online software that will protect all your videos from being stolen, keeping your bandwidth expenses at a minimum, keeping all your traffic yours and making your business hacker-proof. It’s perfect for anyone doing webinars, training videos, sales videos, affiliate videos, video products and anything in between.
  • Secures your videos with just a few clicks – All you need to do is insert your video URL or embed code. Vidprotect works with Amazon S3, Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia& a ton more. Its active technology fights even the most sophisticated bots and makes it impossible for your videos to ever get stolen again.
  • Redirect to any URL – If someone steals your VidProtect videos, you can instantly redirect all their traffic back to your video – or any other URL you’d want to.
  • Generates Ready-To-Publish Embed Code – At the end, VidProtect provides you with an embed code, similar to the ones you’d get from Youtube & the like. So instead of publishing the Youtube embed, you publish the Vidlify one. Once that is published on your site, your videos are safe!
  • PLUS – Neil Napier Delivers ALL The Training You Need – Even though VidProtect is easy to use, Neil Napier & the rest of the team behind this awesome software got you covered with in-depth video training and step-by-step plans to maximizing the use of this amazing software!
  • and so MUCH MORE. . .

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VidProtect – TOP Tool with New Cloud Based Technology Protects Your Videos And Your Business from Thieves And Hackers

VidProtect is For ?

  • Any video marketer, regardless of the niche
  • Anyone who values their business and is not ready to sacrifice a lot of traffic
  • People with video products who want those safe and not shared for free
  • Video affiliate marketers who don’t want their video reviews stolen and their affiliate links changed
  • People who don’t want an inflated video bandwidth bill for STOLEN traffic
  • Video Maker FX, Explaindio, Video Motion Pro owners who want all their hard work to not be stolen
  • and More

VidProtect Testimonials :

  • I’ve never seen a product as good as VIdProtect. When I first time login into the members area, it blew me away! I can easily create my first VidProtect video in no time & enjoy a truly secure and safe business. It’s a must have tool for all video marketers! -Tantan Hilyatana, Video Software Developer
  • Vidprotect is one of those products that is going to change the way we use videos and add them on our products forever. It’s a HUGE ROI Booster and I am going to be using this A LOT In My Business And VSLs as well. -Nick Cooper, Video Marketing Pro
  • This is quite simply an awesome product, at a time where video is crucial to any business. It’s so easy for someone to pick up your video that you spent time and money on and place it on a membership site. This is has definitely happened to me after I launched my business my videos where then sold on black hat sites losing me money. If I had Video Protect my sales would have gone up. Pick this up if you are serious about making sure your videos are exclusive to your customers only! -Jonathan Oshevire
  • What a great product that will help you protect your videos from being stolen. It’s easy to use and works great with all the most popular video softwares and sites. It’s a must have for any marketer. -Robert Phillips, Video Marketing Pro


VidProtect is very very professional product and Best choice for you. with “VidProtect” You can EASILY to Protects Your Videos And Your Business from Thieves And Hackers. All you have to do is click the buy button right now. I want you to start today with total peace of mind your investment is backed up by a Full 100% Risk Free No-Question-Asked Money Back GUARANTEE. If your going to get in, then NOW’s time. Because price is going up as other people buy. you’re welcome to go away, come back, and Get this at a higher price. and it’ll still be worth every penny. What Are You Waiting For ? GET “VidProtect” at the LOWEST PRICE NOW…!!!

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VidProtect – TOP Tool with New Cloud Based Technology Protects Your Videos And Your Business from Thieves And Hackers