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WP Central Hub 2.0 – TOP Tool to CONTROL & Manage All Your WordPress Sites from ONE SINGLE LOCATION EASILY

WP Central Hub 2.0 is AMAZING Product created by Edwin Boiten. WP Central Hub 2.0 enables you to manage ALL of your websites from ONE central WordPress location! Creating new posts or pages, adding, managing and updating plugins, users, themes, links and settings – all completed from just one single login! With WP CentralHub 2.0, you have one place to accomplish multiple actions on your sites – and you are going to be AMAZED at how quickly you’re in and out and done! You’re in luck, because you, too, can manage all your websites from a central location…even if your sites are located on many different hosting accounts and servers! Try THAT with WordPress Multisite and you’ll see it can’t be done. But WP Central Hub 2.0 has got you covered! We understand that site security is of the utmost importance today. And we are proud to report that WP Central Hub 2.0 has been created with bullet-proof security in mind: -100% secure authentication for each site you add to your Hub! -Absolutely NO footprint upon installation, keeping each and every one of your sites ultra-secure and free from “back door” hackers! So easy to use, you can have everything that WP Central Hub offers right at your fingertips. If you can install a plugin, you can use WP Central Hub 2.0 – that’s all it takes!

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TOP Tool to CONTROL & Manage All Your WordPress Sites from ONE SINGLE LOCATION EASILY

WP Central Hub 2.0 - 25 Sites License

WP Central Hub 2.0 – 25 Sites License

WP Central Hub 2.0 Includes :

  • The WP Central Hub WordPress plugin – guaranteed to save you tons of time compared to doing things the old, tedious way!
  • The WP Central Hub Child Plugin – easily connects each new website to your main Hub!
  • A printable PDF installation and use guide
  • A membership area with video tutorials taking you step-by-step through how to install and use WP Central Hub
  • It’s so easy!

WP Central Hub 2.0 Features :

  • Add to any WP Site in 60 secs
  • Copy & Install Plugins & Themes on all sites at once
  • Control Sites that are on different hosting/servers
  • Create content on all your sites from one location
  • Update WP, Themes and Plugins in 1-CLICK
  • If you have more than 1 WP site, you need to have this
  • Easily Install Unlimited PLUGINS – Update them or Delete them in 1 Click.
  • Install Any Number of THEMES you want on any of your sites.
  • Quickly Add, modify or delete USERS from all your WP Sites
  • Add, modify, or delete LINKS across all your sites like a Ninja (backlink magic)
  • Control, Add or modify SETTINGS for all your WP Sites from one place.
  • Create and Manage UNLIMITED POSTS or PAGES for all your WP Sites.

WP Central Hub 2.0 Benefits :

  • No more spending hours and hours updating themes and plugins on your sites.
  • No need to ever spend money every month on expensive services that manage sites for you
  • Never again you will have to hire, Virtual assistants to handle mundane wordpress tasks for you
  • No more leaving your WordPress sites without updates – leaving them open to hackers.
  • No need to make any HUGE investments (of both time and money) to manage sites.
  • No life-draining tech skills required – this is soooo simple & easy.

Testimonials :

  • Wp Central Hub is a tool that any serious blogger needs to get their hands on. Instantly update all of your blogs including plugins, themes and blog posts from a simple to use interface. From a developers perspective it is clear to see the thought and quality of work involved in the development. The User interface is logical and simple to understand (I didn’t even read a manual). This is a great product, that is going to make my life so much easier, I think it’s awesome. -Rob Maggs
  • Hi I’m Craig, Marketing Professional, Internet Marketer, I was fortunate to be given early access to WP CentralHub 2.0, As both a WordPress Developer managing multiple sites for clients worldwide and an Internet Marketer running my own PBN WP CentralHub is a real timesaver, from Activating / Deactivating plugins, to switching and testing themes, WP CentralHub does this from one location and a lot more. I was especially excited to see that WP CentralHub allowed me to access my sites without having to login into each site separately to add new users, WP CentralHub has me covered. Adding new posts /pages to any of my sites, no problem WP CentralHub facilitates this. If you run multiple sites like I do on multiple servers then WP CentralHub is a real time and game changer. I give this product 10/10, Hey it does what it says on the marketing material and it does it, WITHOUT ANY FUSS. -Craig McIntosh M.Sc. Marketing, B.Eng. Computing, Internet Marketer.
  • Just bought unlimited version and I just had to say this is a reat alternative to ridiculously expensive services. I’d rather pay a one time fee for WP Central Hub than $192 every month (that’s what managewp charges for 75 sites). Been looking for such plugin for a while. Great job, guys! -Igor Urban
  • Having this plugin will save me a ton of time, not to mention relieve my stress every time I need to tweak something. I am all over this plugin..Rock On Boys. Thanks -Radu Hahaianu
  • I just finished setting up WP Central Hub version 2.0 on two different groups of my Internet marketing websites – one group is a set of 12 niche specific websites with similar plugins and the same theme, and the other group is a set of 4 niche specific websites, again with similar plugins and the same theme. I couldn’t believe how easy the setup was compared to earlier versions of WP Central Hub that I had tried. You essentially just need to input the IP address of your host provider (which the plugin provides for you) and then an API key that you create. The biggest benefit I was looking for from this plugin was the ability to update all of the websites within a similar group from one site without having to log into each site and update each site individually every time WordPress or any of the numerous plugins I use on each site had an update – which seems to happen often these days. WP Central Hub version 2.0 allowed me to go into my main site where the plugin is installed, update all the plugins that needed to be updated on the main site, and then instantly select and update these same plugins on all of my other sites without ever having to leave my main site or log into any of my other associated sites. It uses API technology rather than administrator user login credentials. WP Central Hub version has solved a huge problem for me in keeping all of my websites up to date. I Just wanted to let you know that I love the plugin and it is going to save me a ton of time in keeping all of my sites up to date and synch’d – for instance, if I want to change the theme on a group of my niche specific sites, I can now do it on all of my group associated sites instantly from inside my main site – what a tremendous time saver!! -Brian Stenum

WP Central Hub 2.0 Bonuses :

  • FAST ACTION BONUS #1 : How To Auto Backup Your WP Site (VALUE: $27) – Learn how to easily backup your WOrdpress sites.
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #2 : WP Profit Doubler Plugin (VALUE: $47) – Double your chances of generating massive profits from the visitors to your WP sites!
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #3 : Instant Social Image Plugin (VALUE: $47) – This is hands down the easiest way to encourage social sharing of your WP blog’s content!


WP Central Hub 2.0 is very very professional product and Best choice for you. with “WP Central Hub 2.0” You can EASILY CONTROL & Manage All Your WordPress Sites from ONE SINGLE LOCATION EASILY. All you have to do is click the buy button right now. I want you to start today with total peace of mind your investment is backed up by a Full 100% Risk Free No-Question-Asked 45 DAY Money Back GUARANTEE. If your going to get in, then NOW’s time. Because price is going up as other people buy. you’re welcome to go away, come back, and Get this at a higher price. and it’ll still be worth every penny. What Are You Waiting For ? GET “WP Central Hub 2.0” at the LOWEST PRICE NOW…!!!

Check Here :
TOP Tool to CONTROL & Manage All Your WordPress Sites from ONE SINGLE LOCATION EASILY

WP Central Hub 2.0

WP Central Hub 2.0