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WP Scope – TOP Tool to Drive Traffic to Your Website While You Rake In The Profits and Create Money Machine On Auto Pilot

WP Scope is AMAZING Product created by Cindy Battye. WP Scope is a WordPress plugin that turns Periscope’s traffic, content, and fan power into your personal traffic factory…Instead of videos getting deleted after 24 hours… WP Scope curates an autopilot blog made up of high-quality permanent Scopes that drive red-hot traffic back to your blog… Where you can capture opt in details, sell affiliate offers, retarget them and more… in short, turning your free Periscope traffic into an audience for LIFE. If you already use Periscope WPScope is an easy way to save and host your Scopes back on your blog… If you want to curate the best content that Periscope has to offer… without creating content of your own, then WP Scope finds you super-relevant content to drive a steady flow of visitors back to your blog. You can even set up a whole network of curated “Scope blogs” for different niches in the time it takes your family to go watch the latest blockbuster. Whatever strategy you choose…WP Scope gives you high-quality content, hungry traffic and bags more time to spend on transforming your traffic into a hefty wedge of greenbacks…

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WP Scope – TOP Tool to Drive Traffic to Your Website While You Rake In The Profits and Create Money Machine On Auto Pilot

WP Scope

WP Scope

WP Scope Includes :

  • Unlimited, Videos ONLY Available On YOUR Site
  • Legally Fill Your Blog With Hyper Popular Content
  • Works In ANY & ALL Niches
  • Set Up & Automate The Entire Process
  • FREE Lifetime Updates & Support
  • One Click Updater & Step By Step Setup Wizard
  • 30-Day Hassle Free Guarantee

WP Scope Features :

  • Auto Scan And Detect: WPScope doesn’t just automatically detect when you’ve posted a new Scope… it’s constantly scanning Periscope for new relevant content from your favourite Scopers.
  • Auto-Extract: Once detected WPScope extracts your chosen Scope, ready to be curated, optimized and published.
  • Auto-Optimize: WPscope creates headlines, SEO titles, tags, and optionally any attribution you’ve specified during set-up to your blog post. It’ll even add a customizable YouTube description for you.
  • Auto-Syndicate: All curated Scopes are automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel, building another audience and creating more SEO-friendly links back to your money site.
  • Auto-Publish: WPScope will publish your newly curated, optimized content straight to your blog, ready to start pulling in traffic, leads and link juice…(or save it as a draft for you to publish at your convenience).
  • Auto-Share: Want even more traffic? WPScope spreads the word by auto-posting back to Twitter and Facebook (just add your API integration and WPScope will do the rest.)

WP Scope Benefits :

  • Attract floods of NEW untapped traffic, hungry for fresh content that only you can provide.
  • Transform your traffic into a wealth of fresh subscribers (if you hit the jackpot and a celebrity, big brand, or thought-leader shares your Scope you could literally build a life changing list after a single successful Scope!)
  • Choose from an exclusive database of the web’s highest quality Scopes or find your own and have WPScope curate them for you for maximum exposure.
  • Auto-create a magnetic blog stuffed full of high quality curated content that Google will adore as much as your growing band of followers
  • Automatically build a secondary audience on YouTube by posting your own Scopes directly to your YouTube channel
  • Take a completely ‘hands-free’ approach and let WPScope auto-curate your unique Scopes to your blog for you…
  • Build massive authority and trust with your audience by easily and consistently sharing your most valuable asset—you!
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

WP Scope Testimonials :

  • Hosting a Scope and building your audience in just a couple of minutes is brilliant… but losing your best videos after 24 hours, when they could be a permanent source of new leads is just plain stupid. WPscope is awesome! – Darren Monroe
  • Periscope is a brand new way to get massive attention for your videos. WPScope lets you put them on your site, gives you full control and you are not relying on 3rd parties. Look, if you are going to put in the work to create videos, and content you want to get the most out of them, and that’s exactly what WP Scope let’s you do. – Bryan Zimmerman
  • Periscope is a brand new, exciting platform that can provide marketers and businesses with INSTANT massive exposure. However, being the entrepreneur that she is, Cindy has cleverly identified its weakness and created a plugin that turns that weakness into a HUGE “advantage”. WP Scope takes video curation to a WHOLE new level and if you are venturing into the video or blogging world then you would be CRAZY to let this one slip by. It is at the cusp of a new social movement and one you should seriously be getting involved with. Absolutely genius! – Andy Black
  • Cindy has hit it out of the ballpark with her latest release, WP Scope! Periscope is HOT…. and her plugin lets you embed powerful, profitable scopes in your site forever after. No more 24 hour Scope disappearence, no more hunting around for the best, most engaging scopes out there….. Cindy delivers them to you on a silver platter and more (can you say “auto-curate”?) Utterly stellar job… with the quality you’ve come to expect from her releases…. a true gem. – Barbara Ling

WP Scope Bonuses :

  • Bonus #1: Making Periscope Pay (Value $97) – If you’re still a little unsure about how to get going with Periscope then don’t worry. Inside the plugin you will get step-by-step mini video tutorial road map to making WPScope work for you as some extras…
  • Bonus #2: Exclusive Periscope Interviews (Value $197) – Brian Fanzo: Periscope Expert – Marketing Effectively, Using Periscope, To Bring In Masses Of Leads, Clicks & Sales. -Nathan Hague: Live Video Master – 8 Power Tips Specific To Internet Marketers For Funnelling Your Viewers Into Becoming Raving Customers! -Grant Cardone: Author & Speaker Insider Secrets To Getting, Keeping & Monetizing Insanely HUGE Periscope Audiences
  • Bonus #3: Get Your First Blog Setup (Value $97)


WP Scope is very very professional product and Best choice for you. with “WP Scope” You can EASILY to Drive Traffic to Your Website While You Rake In The Profits and Create Money Machine On Auto Pilot . All you have to do is click the buy button right now. I want you to start today with total peace of mind your investment is backed up by a Full 100% Risk Free No-Question-Asked 30 DAY Money Back GUARANTEE. If your going to get in, then NOW’s time. Because price is going up as other people buy. you’re welcome to go away, come back, and Get this at a higher price. and it’ll still be worth every penny. What Are You Waiting For ? GET “WP Scope” at the LOWEST PRICE NOW…!!!

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WP Scope – TOP Tool to Drive Traffic to Your Website While You Rake In The Profits and Create Money Machine On Auto Pilot

WP Scope

WP Scope