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Lead Automated Review – The Offline Mobile Sales Funnel Set up instantly to bring you Leads & Sales

Lead Automated – The Offline Mobile Sales Funnel Set up instantly to bring you Leads & Sales

Lead Automated is Complete Out Of The Box Solution…! There Is NOTHING For You To Setup… It’s All Done Instantly! Everything You Need To Be Profitable With Your Own Marketing Business.
Lead Automated Takes Just 3 Simple Steps To Start Generating Leads & Sales With lead We call this the “Foot in the door”. Finally a solution that has the business owner chasing YOU! This New Offline Tripwire Will Bring You Leads!

Lead Automated Features :

  • Your Own Digital Card Makes You Out to Be The Rockstar!
    It’s important that you look GOOD! If you don’t look good don’t expect your clients to want what you have.
    This card is going to make you look like the ROCKSTAR you were destined to be.
  • Your Own Card Signup Pages… The Lead Hits Your Admin Portal
    YES! You read that right! You’re own card signup pages. They will work for desktop, but there ready to ROCK with mobile
  • Your Own Page To Sell My Card! Right Out Of The Gate!
    You set the price! You keep 100% of the sale. Remember this is YOUR agency. We’re just proving you with the tools to do it!
  • Mobile Upsell Upgrading Your Clients
    This page is proven to convert. Your prospects will be presented with the option to upgrade their digital card
  • Instant Cart Page!
    Making it EASY for you to sell your cards to your prospects.
  • Upsell Splashes Inside Of Your Portal
    Once you NEW lead signs up/buys your card they will login to their desktop to customize their card completely. It is here where they will be shown a special one-time offer splash.
  • Automated Sales Pipeline
    Manage all your leads and prospects from this one automated pipeline. Your leads will move through the pipeline automatically!
  • Your Own Branded Company
    Your portal is ALL BRANDED to you!

Lead Automated – The Offline Mobile Sales Funnel Set up instantly to bring you Leads & Sales

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Bought Already!

  • Reason #1 – You need this card to brand and bring in leads for your own business.
  • Reason #2 – Everybody is able to GIVE away these cards, There isn’t a business owner alive that doesn’t find these AWESOME! You will FINALLY have leads!
  • Reason #3 – FINALLY no technical obstacles! There is NOTHING stopping you. We have done nearly EVERYTHING for you!
  • Reason #4 – The people that created this platform are ROCKSTARS! They are known for taking platforms to a whole new level and ensuring their members are successful!
  • Reason #5​- The community ROCKS! Yes! You will be a part of a community where everybody helps each other succeed. One of the most ACTIVE communities on the Internet!
  • Reason #6 – SCALE IT BABY! You can scale this as BIG as you want to. We have all kinds of opportunities for you once your in the door with us!
  • Reason #7 – Certification and Celebration! Ohhh yeah! You’re about to be certified as a Lead Member. We are going to issue you a badge and everything
  • Reason #8 – I’m not going to tell you just yet… but you’re going to want to be a part of it… keep scrolling 🙂
  • Reason #9 – The Mobile App! We haven’t even covered that bad boy yet… wait until you see what that can do…
  • Reason #10 – ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The price is RIDICULOUSLY STUPID! and you’ll end up paying monthly in a few days… and you’re backed by 100% money back anyways 🙂
  • and so much more…

Lead Automated Bonuses :

  • BONUS #1
    Here is the Icing on the Cake!
    All Your Leads Hitting Your Mobile App
  • BONUS #2
    Rewarding You For Learning The System
    You’re Going To Get The Badge
  • BONUS #3
    This Bonus WILL be REMOVED before the launch ends!
    The Golden Ticket To LEAD LIVE

Lead Automated Agency FAQ :

  • Why are you selling LEAD at such a low price?
    We wanted to give EVERYBODY a chance to try out our system regardless of what they could afford or the experience they have had up to this point. So we made it affordable for EVERYBODY!
  • What will happen to the price?
    Very simple! Everybody that waits to purchase lead will end up paying a monthly price to have the service. So get it while you can. On August 23, 2019 the price will be $47/month and it will only go up from there!
  • What do I have to buy to setup LEAD??
    I know it sounds CRAZY but you don’t have to buy a thing. We have done EVERYTHING for you! You have the option to purchase your own domain name for your marketing company. That will cost you about $10.62 from NameCheap for the year… but that’s it!
  • Is LEAD difficult to setup?
    NOPE! Not at all. We have done EVERYTHING for you. There is a simple step-by-step wizard that you will go through. You will be earning points and unlocking rewards while you are getting setup. EASY AS PIE!
  • Do you offer a 100% money back guarantee?
    YUP! 100% but I don’t see that happening in this case. It’s a NO-BRAINER offer on one of the HIGHEST qualify platforms ever created. From a marketing team that REALLY cares about your success!
  • Where would I get help with LEAD?
    The first thing you are going to do is go through the step-by-step wizard inside of the platform. If you still have issues, we have a support desk that can be accessed from inside of the software. Finally you will have access to our community, where our members are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about our platforms.
  • Will I get automatic updates?
    GUARANTEED! You will find that we are EXTREMELY ACTIVE in our platforms. Most of the time the platform becomes 100x what it was when you purchased just a few months later… WATCH 🙂
  • Can I upgrade at a later date?
    Sure! However if we say that one of these options in this launch are being offered at a discounted rate, please don’t think that is a marketing tactic. We will stick by what we say 110%!
  • Can I use my own branding?
    YUP! That is the point of LEAD. We want you to have your OWN company that you can sell marketing services to. So you will load your own logo, colors. branding you can even setup your own domain name.
  • So I have the rights to sell or give away the card?
    BOTH! I know that’s now what you would expect to hear. However we know that if you have the rights to GIVE away these cards that puts you in a great position with your client. It becomes the “Foot in the Door.” You also can sell the cards up front and make INSTANT profit.
  • How is my card delivered to my customer?
    Great question! They will receive an email that has their card link on it. They will also receive their credentials where they can login to their portal and setup their card. There is NOTHING for you to deliver. It’s all handled for you!
  • Does the mobile app work with Android and Apple?
    Yup and Yup! This app can be found in BOTH stores. However it really doesn’t do you any good until you have the credentials to login to the app.

Lead Automated – The Offline Mobile Sales Funnel Set up instantly to bring you Leads & Sales

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